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4th Sub Matron & Laundress out for the

5th Mr. Bushby conducted morng service
Mr. Bourdman evening Do.
The Matron & Officer out to their
usual services.

Monday Emily Thompson insisted upon going out
6th Ada Miller gone as general
servant to Mrs. [indecipherable] of Queensboough
Station at 10/- per week.

Tuesday 11 pupils
7th Ladies Sub Committee
Susan Deer admitted. Emily Hughes
and Kate Crow asked to leave the
Institution Emily was persuaded to
remain Kate Crow insisted upon
going away. Jane Cross was spoken
to upon the completion of her
eighteen months and a situation
being found for her.

Wednesday 12 pupils
8th Nothing but rain

Thursday 13 pupils
9th [indecipherable] Clarke brought by Miss P Williams
was received
Mr. Jordan conducted evening services

Friday 12 pupils
10th Rev. C. F. Garnsey conducted services
Elizabeth Roberts asked admission
and was received

Saturday 13 pupils
11th Charlotte Scott asked admission and
was received. Teacher out for afternoon