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Social Service, Mary Tilton read extracts from the Social Director's report.

Resolutions--no report

Margaret Jones, chairman of Legislation, told of the attempt to strenghthen the dog law--and brought several other legislative matters before the meeting with the result that the legislation:
1. Licensing and supervising all child-caring institutions in the State,
2 State-wide Juvenile Court Law,
3 Better support of illigitimate children,
all were endorsed.

There were no special committees to report--and no unfinished business.

Marianna Miller, Director in the County Federation told of letters received from Miss Annie Wilson, chairman of Art, and Mrs. Chas. Kirk, chairman of Literatuer, -- no action taken.

State Federation, Margaret Jones, brought the legislature for state help for retired School Teachers, the principle of which was endorsed. A letter form Mrs. Sherman, President of the General Federation, in which she thanked the Association for the history of the club, was read.

New Business, Upon motion seconded and unanimously carried, Helen Farquhar's name was placed on the waiting list. There being a vacancy the Secretary was asked to notify Helen of her election and urge her to accept.

Rebecca Stabler, Rose Gilpin, and Mrs. Weld werealso placed on the waiting list.

Next place of meeting--Brooke Meadow with Sallie R. Janney at the regular time.

Sentiment of the hostess: "Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Sallie Adams then read of newspaper accounts of weddings which never are truthful.

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