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Oct. 5. 1871

Thomas Dickie Cumberland
Alexander McRae
Robert Walker Shannon
George Richard Webster

2 candidates for
Cataraqui scholarship

The following candidates were
examined for the Cataraqui scholarship.
Peter C McKee
Robert Shaw

W Snodgrass

J.B. Mowat
Oct. 10. 1871

Queen's University, October 10th 1871

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt Princpal Snodgrass Professors
Williams, Mowat, Murray, Mackerras,
Dupuis and Ferguson.

The minutes of the meeting held
on the 5th inst. were read and approved.

On a review of the written examinations it was found that the following
candidates had obtained the number of
marks requisite for matriculating and
they were accordingly declared to have
matriculated ranking in the following

25 of 1st year

First year
William Mundell
Robert Walker Shannon
George Richard Webster
Thomas Dickie Cumberland
Alexander McKee
Henry Amey Asselstine
John Herald
Archibald McMurchy
Alexander McGillivray