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Officers of "A" Company who had been brought up with the
reinforcements from Chateau de la Haie were put in charge.

5.30 p.m. New dispositions were ordered by Brigade making this
Battalion responsible for CYRUS Trench from the Junction of CLUTCH
to the Junction of CYRUS and CLUCK and for No.6 crater. "C"
Company moved over here to strengthen this line, the 46th Battn
becoming responsible for crater No.5, and posts in front.

Situation during the night was normal and on
Wednesday morning the 11th I inspected our new dispositions
and found all posts as ordered. Situation again throughout the
day was normal with the exception of machine gun fire from
junction of CLAUDE and CLUCK, and remained so throughout the morning of the
12th trying to get away at daylight but were driven back by our
Lewis gun fire casualties being inflicted on them.

The afternoon of the 12th instant about 4 p.m. our
Stokes Guns fired on CLAUDE trench and a bombing party of the
73rd Battalion were supposed to attack under cover of this barrage,
along CLAUDE trench from the north. It wasreported that our men
had been seen in CLAUDE trench at S.15 a.85.80 but this proved
on investigation to be incorrect. A patrol was ordered out to
investiagate, but were fired upon. At 8 p.m. a message was
received from Brigade that the Bosche intended counter attacking
so "A" and "D" Companies were ordered up fron Blue Bull Tunnel
to reinforce our position. The counter attack did not
materialise, the situation remaining normal throughout the night
except for very heavy artillery fire behind the enemy's lines.

At 5.45 a.m. 13th I was advised of a series of
explosions behind the enemy's lines. Brigade was immediately
advised of this and at th same time a patrol was ordered to be
sent forward to try and ascertain the cause. They reported that
owing to our artillery fire they could not get forward.

At 6.30 a.m. I was advised that our men had occupied
CLAUDE trench, shortly after this was confirmed by Brigade stating
that 72nd occuppied CLAUDE trench. A patrol was ordered to be
pushed northward along CLUCK trench to connect with the 72nd
also another patrol to push along CLUCK forward in a north easterly
direction. Colonel Clarek C.C. 72nd Battalion came along and got
a patrol with Lewis Gun from us and pushed forward to a point where
CYANIDE and CLUCK trenches meet at S.15 [b.81/2.9?], patrols of the
38th and 78th Battalions also entered CYCLIST and BABY trenches
and established posts there, all these patrols being covered by
strong supporting bodies. About 10 a.m. our patrols in conjunction
with patrols of the 72nd and 78th Battalions entered GIVENCHY.
Patrols were then pushed by us to the south of GIVENCHY and by the
72nd through the northern parat of it and along to the