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Stearns_Folder5037Tsai_ 051

Home Camp[?[
Pitsburg, N.H.
July 23, 1924

Mr. K. F. Tsai,
Haines Falls, N.Y.

Dear Charlie, 5037

I have your letter of July 16th.

It is very difficult for us to estimate at this distance
how much money you require to meet your necessary summer expenses. I
am enclosing a check for one hundred dollars and shall count on you to
make it go as far as possible, for you have had some pretty heavy doc-
tor's bills to meet this year and your other outlays have not been small.

Your father has not written me anything about your early
return to China. Indeed, if I remember correctly, his last reference
to the matter in his letters to me indicated that he was disposed to let
you try it out here a bit longer. Evidently he decided to leave the
matter to be settled through the medium of your brother. As I haven't
your father's letters with me here at camp I cannot be quite sure of
his latest expressed wishes to me on the subject, but the above is my
recollection of them.

I do hope that the peaky collar bone will mend fast and
that you will soon be relieved of any further pain or inconvenience on
that soon.

Please give my greeting and warm regards to your brother.
I trust that the summer is bringing him a speedy and sure return to the
best of health and vigor.

With best wishes to you personally, believe me,

Always sincerely yours,

Stearns_Folder5037Tsai_ 051