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p. 47

the Root be propationable: the Roots of
young trees to be preferrd to oldn ones
as they will better taken the sap, and
areneth the [?], the berr Roots are sawed
then Kionels, and may be drawn at 1, 2 or 3
years old - Plums, Cherries, Apricots and
Peaches may be then raised -

Rx.[recipe] fine silver Filings Zuy - Zy-
make a cold aaa. dissolve it in Zuy of gord
Aq. fort: pour upon the solution 3 half Sephirs
of dished water, mix them well with a spatula
and keep the composition in a glass vial close shapd

by Himberg

a Sipter is an
Golden or heavy
too quick making
12 quarts.

Rx[recipe] of this Leguer [ji?]. or there abouts. put it into a
small Vial, add about the lire of a Pea of a [cemmon?]
aaa of Gold or Silver, let the Glass stand a few
minutes kyae well till small Crlaments one
from the aaa. w will continue sheoting from
Brenches pem their sides, and at lest small [?]
will rise - The aaa will grows herd, and of a dirty
white, but the little shrubs will be like cloves.

p. 47