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Secry Marine Department Board of Trade London
20th Feby 1858.
The Agent for Lloyds at this Port has
presented to me the annexed Letter from the Secretary
to Lloyds London, and requested to be allowed to copy
the particulars of the Wreck detailed in Form [Nr?] 3
posted up [in?] the Custom House in conformity
with Section 452 of the M S Act 1854.
You will oblige by informing me whether I
am to charge any Fee for allowing him to take
such copy.
J Sparrow.

J.H. Farrer Esq.
26 Feby 1858.
Enquiry as to reply {of} to the above letter.

P. Flucker, Holmpton
27 Feby 1858
No. 5/1858 25 Feby. 1858. [Sent?] the Piece of [?ast?],
State expenses of all sorts –

Secretary Marine Dept Bd of Trade London.
3d March 1858
Annexed is a Bill from Mr John
Saxelbye, Solicitor in this Town for 13s/4d Law
charges incurred in recovering the sum
of One Hundred Pounds {per month} Light Dues
which amount was in the hands of Messrs
Harrison & Watson & Co Bankers in this Town
when they stopped payments on the 24th
September last. The £100 was recovered
and duly remitted. By letter of the 6th Instant
I craved payment from the Trinity Board
and was referred to the Commissioners of
Customs, who, by their orders of yesterday's [??]
[A?]SB 107/6 directed me to transmit the the
Bill to your Department with a request
that I may be allowed to pay and take
credit for the amount out of the balance of

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