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48 (Mt. Airy, con.)

markets were wonderful in variety. At Colon
they encountered a fierce heat, over 100o in the
shade we understand. The ride in a motor
upon a wall 30 ft. side was a novel experience.
The natives are a degraded race living in mud
huts and the chocolate-colored children dressed in
nature’s livery, are rather shocking to strangers
though their unconsciousness of the pact palliates
the offense. Coconuts are in profusion and the
trees are said to yield one nut a day.

Rebecca T. Stabler brought a little poem by
John Russell Hayes, - “Waste Not Your Hour,” –

“O, weary women with few hours of ease
Whose time is taken up with clubs and teas –
Waster not your hour! Learn wisdom in the fields
From birds and roses and the murmuring trees.

O, weary men, whose business let you find
Small leisure for the master of the mind
Waste not your hour! Pause now and then to dream
Let up a little on your steady grind.

Go back, my friends, to your forefathers’ days;
Revive their calm, serene, untroubled ways.
Waste not your hour! The gods look pityingly down
While human hearts grow cold and faith decays.

Anna T. Nesbitt asked if any present took an
active interest in “The Florence Crittenden Home”
which needed garments for mothers and babies. It
was proposed The Asso. contribute each something
useful in that line at their next meeting.

Mary E. Thomas wished to recommend a
little book “Pollyanna” which she liked extremely.
Few had read it apparently. A. N. T. Wafle through
her sister May asked what tomatoes canned
in glass were worth and was told 15 cts. per qt.
would be right. Eliz. T. Stabler wants to sell
her fine blush potatoes before leaving for Calif.
to spend the winter – she also said she
wished to invite Helen B. Shoemaker to be her
substitute during her absence. The name of
India Downey was placed upon our waiting
list. Sallie R. Janney read the history

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