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old plan of no regular program, nor chosen
subject; each is called on in turn, for a
contribution at each meeting.

These may be a brief article or poem, a
new receipt, or method of performing a household
task; a question; selections from a book enjoyed
by the reader, or an acct. of a recent trip.

Letters from friends in Alaska, Europe,
Asia, Calif., Panama, and Bermuda have frequently
been shared with us.

We invariably have guests who are invited
to take part in our informal proceedings. Nearly
all such visitors can and will talk entertainingly
of clubs for women in their own city or
vicinity. The hostess for the day is expected
to give a pithy sentiment directly after the
minutes are read. This little custom we
should be sorry to relinquish, and possibly
our co-workers of the Federation may care to
hear a few of these “forewords”, as we have sometimes
termed them. “The greatest of faults,
I should say, is to be conscious of none.”

“He who is true to the best he knows to-day,
will be true to a better best to-morrow.”

“I wish all tired people did but know the
blessedness of anchoring the business-ships of
our daily lives as the Sat. draws to a close, leaving
them to ride peacefully upon the flow or ebb-tide
until Monday morning shall come again.”

“To be long-lived it is needful, as we grow
older, to worry less and work more; to ride less
and to walk more; drink less and breath more;
eat less, chew more; preach less, practice more.”

“Make the best of everything,
Think the best of everybody,
Hope the best for yourself.”

“It seems to me the real way to enjoy life
is to accept its ordinary duties and turn them
into pleasures by taking interest in them.”
“Kindness is contagious; if you go around
with a fully developed case your neighbors will
be sure to catch it.”

We signed petitions of the Parcel Post; for
The Lincoln Highway, in preference to a memorial

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