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botany, for a genus of plants from which it
hs been extended to the group of dicotyledons
called Ambrosianceae, including Ambrosia (ragweed)

One must keep in mind the fact that the herbal of the
15th C "is not a botanical treatise as its name might
imply, but a medical book intended for both people &
ed. sig.
1486 cij
H. 8951

kalte fur di
-cht - set in
Un dise

bcide ein schen und
schaden. fri

1522 Herbolario Volgar, Ambrosiana \ Salvia pratensia L. \ meadow clary.

Gart der Gesundheit 'never bore thus title but was published
under no title at all or as Huberius zee teutsch, Herbary odu
Kreutterbuch & in Dutch as Den groten Herbarius
Schonsperger - since 1488 they bear the title Herbarius Zu Teutsch
und von aller hand Kreuttean.
HEHL woodcuts colored (his 3rd ed. in German.)
88407 ends Zucker cccxxxv Ca.
tag und nacht cccv Ca - cut
ccciiii Ca petersilgun
cccvi Ca fiinffinger kraut

Goldwurc3 XX
before Gelblilier XXI Ca (ged lilien) [inserted] in index [end inserted]
Rosemaryn XXIII Ca (Rosenmaris) [inserted] in index [end inserted]
after boberellen XXIIII Ca - ciiil
( alkekengi grace at latine)
my leaf #23 of volume.