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"Phone Jobs"
by Capt. R. B. O'Sullivan

S E C R E T Appendix "3" 68

The following information was telephoned to Advanced
Headquarters 12th Canadian Infantry Brigade by Liut.-Colonel C. M.
Edwards, Officer Commanding 38th Canadian Infantry Battalion in the
line, at times noted on the morning of April 9th, 1917:-

5.54 a.m. - Everything going splendid. Are now right on the si
side of second objective and 78th following
beautifully. Retaliation has not been bad at all.
A good deal of shrapnel burst but is not heavy
coming back over here. Have not heard or seen
anything of the right at all. It looks as though
they were now at the Craters.

6.05 a.m. We have a signal post established at the right on
No. 6 Crater. Reta liation not heavy. All inside
barrage. Did not meet any body at all in front
line. Signals says gone right through Crater, that
is, our line. Everything O.K. One officer
(meaning Lieut. Guthrie) just returned wounded
from the right, not badly hit and there are not
many casualties.

6.13 a.m. - We have got seven (7) prisoners of 261st Battn.
R. I. R. Everything alright on our left. Cannot
say anything about our right. We walked right
through to the craters. We have had some
prisoners coming in of the 261st Battln. R. I. R.

6.25 a.m. - Our report at No. 6 Crater is that they were
all through. Report from the right that every-
thing O.K. at the 1st line and all going strong.

6.35 a.m. - The General was asking me about the right.
Everything has gone through the right (78th)
No hold up there.

6.45 a.m. - A wounded 78th man just came into our signal station
and states that the 78th got their objective. I
presume this is their first objective. I will
get more information if I can from him.

6.54 a.m. There is an aeroplane working apparently on our
left flank between 1st objective and the second.
We were sending up green and golden rocket.
They were too close for the Bosche but I cannot
understand the colors. He is flying vety low and
should see quite clearly. It is our aeroplane
Everything seems to be very good.

7.25 a.m. - Report from the forward phone that they have a
line staked out and are consolidating. I cannot
get information as to exact line, but the observer c
can see picks and shovels working. Aeroplane is
still working in the same area - between the 11th
and ours, flying very low. We had the power buzzer
but the men with that got knocked out.

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