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As each objective is taken, cosolidation must be started
at once. The first wave will dig in, using shell holes in
advance of their objective; this line is not important and will
not be wired.

The second objective (The Craters and BABY-CYRUS Line) must
be put in the strongest state of defence, on the lines shown in
BLUE on ZOUAVE VALLEY Map. This should be a traversed trench.
Strong Points held by one Platoon each with one Lewis Gun.

When conditions have quieted down to permit doing so - each
Company will send all men they can spare (15 at least each) and
a guide from each Strong Post, back to BLUE BULL TUNNEL to carry
wire, stakes, etc. forward for consolidation purposes. These
men will work under a Sapper of 19th C. E. Much of our success
in defence will rest with the labor of these men.

The 38th Battalion is responsible for digging communica-
tion Trench No. 2, forward from BLUE BULL Sap. Bath Hats from
Assembly Trenches should be used for this trench.

Notice boards for enemy trenches will be issued by
Engineers at 5 p.m. "X" day, and will be carried and placed in
position by various companies. The Bombing Officer will draw
and distribute to Companies.

No Dugouts to be d stroyed that can be avoided.

12. (1) TACTICAL. Movement from BLUE BULL TUNNEL must commence
in time to permit pre-arranged positions to be gained by various
waves in Assembly Trenches at ZERO minus 30 minutes - this to
be supported to O. C. at Battalion Headquarters at once.

Tools will be issued here, also bombs to the
platoons who do not go into TUNNEL.

(2) JUMPING OFF AND ATTACK. The moment barrage starts all
men will leave trenches, front line by ladders placed. Men
from "A" assembly trench pass over front trench and bridges
placed, through gaps in wire and form their lines - advancing as
close to barrage as possible. - The rear waves closing in on the
front waves in "No Man's Land". The moment the barrage lifts
off enemy front line, the first line will rush their objective,
followed by the second one.

The following waves will then move forward in their
proper distance.- The second wave will take the second objective,
the third wave will capture the Craters and send forward their
Strong Post parties.- The fourth wave will consolidate the
second objective.

(3) DIRECTION. One Officer per Company and one N. C. O. per
platoon should be given his direction and they will be responsible
that the proper direction is maintained.

(4) FIRING ON THE MOVE. Leading waves to fire on the move,
from the shoulder, if a target presents itself. Rifle Grenadiers
should fire over and coer riflemen. Ammunition or bombs must
not be wasted.

Lewis guns should be wrapped loosely in a rubber sheet
which may be dropped at any time. Lewis Guns may be fired from
the hip is possible. Care must be taken to keep Lewis Guns
and rifles free from mud.

(5) FIXING BAYONETS. Bayonets to be fixed at ZERO minus 15
minutes. They must not be exposed before advance is commenced.

F. T. O.

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