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SUNDAY 27th AUGUST 1916 - "C" Company was detailed for special
work and marched out at 8.30 A.M. for trenches. CHURCH parades
were held. Remainder Routine.

MONDAY 28th AUGUST 1916. - Routine.

TUESDAY 29th AUGUST 1916. - Routine.

Wednesday 30th AUGUST 1916. - "C" Company returned to Camp. One
casualty. Battalion (less details of 3 Officers and eighty-seven
(87) Other Ranks) marched to trenches for instruction in trench warfare.

THURSDAY 31st, AUGUST 1916.- Battalion still in trenches, Three
casualties reported to 12. o'clock noon.

RB O'Sullivan
Lieut. Colonel.
Comdr 38th Batt. Can. Expeditionary Force

Margin hand written initials RB O'S

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