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Ohio University Record, Meeting October 1, 1907.

"Now,therefore,in order that the matters relating thereto may be adjusted
between said Boards,and that all the interests of the State of Ohio in the
premises may be adequately protected:

"RESOLVED,That this Board will and does hereby consent that the Board of
Trustees of said State Hospital shall have a right of way over all of its
premises north of and adjoining its said power house,which power house is to
be built according to the plans of Architect F.L.Packard; and further,that
this Board will join with the said Board of Trustees of the State Hospital,
in the construction of a roadway over said premises above named,the expense
of constructing such roadway to be paid in such manner as Governor Harris
may deem fair and expedient."



CHRIS McKEE ) Trustees Athens State Hospital.


Roll-call upon the motion to adopt said Resolution resulted in the fol-
lowing vote,to-wit:

AYES: Benson,Blackstone,Boyd,Coultrap,Davidson,Douglas,
Leue, Lowry,O'Bleness,Welch.

NAYS: None.

Thereupon,the Chair declared said resolution unanimously adopted.

The several members of the Board of Trustees of the Athens State Hospital
expressed their approval of said resolution,which approval was endorsed upon
the copy of said resolution as introduced by Mr.Douglas.

On motion duly made,seconded and unanimously adopted the Board adjourned
without day.

President Ohio University.

Secretary,Ohio University

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