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Ohio University Record, Meeting July 24,1907.

A motion was made by Davidson,seconded by Benson,and unanimously adopted
authorizing the Secretary of this Board to obtain a right of way over,under
and along the road running from the north end of the South Bridge,in the
Village of Athens,in a westerly direction to the proposed site for the Central Heating Plant,from any of the adjoining property owners who may have
any right,title or interest in and to said road."

The following resolution was offered by Mr.Welch and seconded by Mr.

"Resolved,that the Department of Philosophy and Psychology be re-estab-
lished as a part of the course of study in the University,and that Edwin
Tausch,Ph.D.,be appointed for one year as the head of such department at a
salary of $1800."

After full discussion of the resolution,Mr.Wood offered as an amendment
to the resolution the following:

"Dr.Edwin Tausch,Ph.D.,is hereby elected Assistant Instructor in German
and French for the period of one year at a salary of $1500."

Mr.Welch raised the question that the amendment was properly a substi-
tute for his resolution,and upon request of Mr.Wood Mr.Welch withdrew his
resolution,and thereupon Mr.Wood offered his amendment as a substitute for
Mr.Welch's resolution,and moved its adoption,which motion was seconded by
Mr.Duff. Roll-call on the motion showed the following vote:

Ayes: Boyd,Duff,Jones,Kinnison,O'Bleness ,Welch,Wood.

Nays: Benson,Biddle,Ellis,Leue,Lowry.

Whereupon,the President declared said motion carried.

A motion by Jones,seconded by Boyd,was unanimously adopted as follows,

"That the absence of the following members from this meeting be excused:

Upon motion duly made,seconded and adopted the Board adjourned without


President,Ohio University.

Secretary,Ohio University.

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