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Ohio University Record, Meeting April 26,1907.

A resolution by Welch,seconded by Whiley,was unanimously adopted,said
resolution being as follows:

"Whereas,heretofore the annual reports of the Auditor and Treasurer of
the Ohio University have been submitted and audited at the June meetings of
this Board,and

"Whereas,the fiscal year of said University as recognized by the State of
Ohio ends with November 14,and

"Whereas,a special Committee of this Board,with assistance of expert ac-
countants from the Auditor of State's office,audited and reported on said of-
fice,which said report covered all receipts and expenditures to November 15,
1906,therefore be it hereby

"RESOLVED,That the Auditor and Treasurer be hereby directed to make their
annual reports hereafter treating the fiscal year as commencing on November
15, and ending with November 14 following".

A motion by Whiley,seconded by Jones,was unanimously passed which author-
ized the Auditor to draw an order on the Treasurer payable to J.F.Robbins for
the sum of $83.00,being a balance due him on the erection of the grand stand
on the athletic field".

Mr.Welch,of the Committee on Central Heating Plant,submitted the follow-
ing report:

"To the Board of Trustees of the Ohio University:

"Your Committee,appointed to select a site for a central heating plant,
and receive proposals for the same of the same,beg leave to report:

"That they have viewed several sites for such plant,and after duly con-
sidering the advantages and disadvantages of the several sites,they recommend
the acceptance of the offer of Daniel A.Rardin,hereto attached.

"Respectfully submitted,


"Henry O'Bleness

" "J.M.Welch

"Messrs.Alston Ellis,Henry O'Bleness and J.M.Welch,Committee of the Board
of Trustees of the Ohio University to select a site for the Central Heating

"I hereby make you the following offer to sell to you a site for your
Central Heating Plant,this offer to remain open for your acceptance for twenty
days from this 9th day of Apri 1,1907,viz:-

"I offer to sell,and on payment of the purchase price,to convey,or cause
to be conveyed,to your Board,by a good and sufficient deed,free and clear of
all incumbrances,the following described real estate,situate in the village
of Athens,Ohio,viz:-"Beginning at a point north 74 1/2 degrees west 100 feet
from the south east corner of In-lot No. 180 in said village;thence north 52 1/2

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