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President Ellis read to the Board the following
report to wit:
Appropriation for Colleges and Departments of
Ohio University for the college years. 1903. -4-1904-5
and 1905 - 6. - 1903-4- 1904-5 1905-6
Biological Department $600.00 $650.00 $700.00
Chemical Department. 300.00. 350.00 375.00
Physics and Electrical
Engineering 700.00 800.00. 800.00
College of Music 600.00. 800.00. 800.00
Commercial College 600.00. 700.00 700.00
Normal College 600.00 200.00. 600.00
Library 600.00. 500.00 800.00
Civial and Mining Engineering 1.000. 600.00
Total $4.000.00 $5.000.00 $5375.00
Alston. Ellis
T. R. Biddle Finance
I.M Foster Committee .
Mr Jones moved the amounts named
for the various departments above state for
the years 1905-6 be appropriated for the
purposes state in said report which motion
was duly seconded and adopted -

[inserted] Excuses [end inserted] On motion duly seconded and adopted all
absent members of the Board were excused for
non attendance.
[inserted] Recess [end inserted] Mr Foster moved that the Board [?now?]
take a recess until one oclock P.M

Athens O June 13 1905_1_PM
Board met pursuant to recess Pres Elis in the
Chair the same members presen t as at the
morning session.

[inserted] Commencement
Expences [end inserted] Mr. Jewett moved that the sum fo $200. 00
be appropriated for the purpoce of defraying

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