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B. S.
Morton Joshua Ronnie Dexter Ohio.
Reinherr, Helen. Adella Woodsfield Ohio

B_Ped .
Hoover Thomas Nathaniel. Piketon Ohio
Tooill. George Washington Columbus Ohio

B S. in Electrical Engineering
Cornwell. Clifford. Emerson. Athens Ohio
Wright.James Ottis Jr_ Athens Ohio

M- Ped
St. Clair . Anna May. Portsmouth Ohio
[inserted] Degrees [end inserted]
A. M.
Clifford Grove D. Amesville Ohio
Place. [?Benom?]. Austin. Qualey Ohio
Spran. George Hamilton Ohio
Thomas . William. Alexander Athens Ohio

Diploma for the Four Year Commercial Course
Carr. Arthur. Davis - Athens Ohio
Higgins . Cyrus Dow. Athens Ohio
Diploma, Piano forte and Harmony
Chappelear, Mary. Loretta. Burdsall- Trimble Ohio
Hunter Marie Douglas- Athens Ohio
Moore. Sylvia Athens Ohio
Parker Clarence. Emmett Athens Ohio

Diploma, Course in Elementary Education.
Christman George Washington Athens Ohio
McLaughlin Mary Caldwell. Ohio
Mills, Lena Irene Caldwell. Ohio
Nesbitt Margaret Anne Bellaire Ohio
Rine. Bernice Clifton Bridgeport Ohio
Witters Bertha. E. Lake Ohio

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