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the Faculty as he may see fit to associate
with him in the management and control
of the Ladies Hall , which motion was duly seconded
and adopted by the Board .
[inserted] Ladies
Hall Report [end inserted] Mr Foster moved that
the report of the Ladies Hall be referred to the
Auditing Committee which motion was duly
seconded and adopted
[inserted] Leasing
Grounds for
Boat House [end inserted] Mr Foster state that certain parties were
desirous of leasing a part of the Athletic
grounds for a boat house, [inserted] and pavillion [end inserted] on motion duly
seconded and adopted the subject was
referred to the Committee, on College grounds
and [crossed out] [?Athletic grounds?] [end crossed out] - campus.
[inserted] As to
or purchase
of Ladies Hall
and Athletic
Grounds [end inserted] Mr Jones moved that a Committee of three
be appointed to consider and report at the
next meeting of the Board upon the advisability
of purchasing or releasing the Ladies Hall
and adjacent property in connection therewith
and also the advisablility of purchasing [crossed out] or releasing [end crossed out]
or subletting the Athletic Grounds under the
existing leaces and options now held for said
properties , which motino was duly seconded
and adopted by the Board, and thereupon the
Chair appointed as the Committee called for by
said resolution Messrs. Jones Whiley and Welch.
[inserted] Report on
degrees [end inserted] President Ellis here read to
the Board a report of the degrees [inserted] [?whomever the faculty?] conferred by
the Faculty June 15 1905 which report is in
the words and figures following to wit:
"Ohio University"
"Degrees conferred June 15 . 1905-"
Caldwell, Josephine. Coolville Ohio
Connett, Harry Lewis Athens Ohio
Higgins - Cyrus. Dow Athens Ohio
Jones Albert. Johnson Athens Ohio

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