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and adopted by the Board.
[inserted] Engineer [end inserted] Major. Welch moved that George Mansfield be
employed as Engineer of the Ohio University ,ata
salary of $500.00 per year , which motion was
duly seconded and adopted _
Dr. Ellis stated that the
question of the [?increase?] of his salary as President
of the Ohio University [?must?] now come
before the Board he [illegible] and did call R. E
Hamblin to the Chair, and retired from the
board room
Mr. Lene offered the following resolution to
[inserted] As to Salary
of President [end inserted] "Be it resolved by the board of Trustees of the Ohio
University , that its action taken under date
June 16th 1903, whereby it elected Dr Alston .Ellis
President of the Ohio University for three years,
at an annual Salary of Thirty Five Hundred
Dollars ($3.500.00) , be, and the same is hereby rescinded
as to the salary , and Five Thousand Dollars($5.000)
substituted for Thirty Five Hundred Dollars($3500.00),
said Five thousand dollars ($5.000. 00) to begin July 1st
1904", and moved its adoption which motion was duly seconded.
And thereupon Mr Jones moved that
the further considderation of said resolution be postponed
until the June meeting 1905 of this Board, which motion
was duly seconded, and yeas and nays being demanded
a call of the roll was had resulting in the following
vote to wit: Yeas Jewett_ Jones _Welch_ and Douglas- Yeas 4
Nayes: Lowrey_ Hamblin _ Lene_ Fenton _Benson
Wood_ Coultrap_ Blackstone _ Foster_ Biddle and
O'Bleness nayes -11- and thereupon the Chair
declared that said motion to postpone said resolution
was lost:
Mr. Wood moved that said resolution be amended
by striking there from the figures "$5.000. 00", and
inserting in lieu thereof the figures "$4.000.00" which

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