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duties of his said office and render to said The President
and Trustees of the Ohio University a just and true
account of his doings and proceedings as such Treasurer
Whenever required , [inserted] and [end inserted] shall faithfully account for all moneys
received by him as such treasurer belonging to said
President and Trustees of the Ohio University, and shall
deliver over to his successors in Office all of the
moneys, securities and all other [?properties?] that shall
come into his hands belonging to said the President
and Trustees of the Ohio University, together with all the
books and papers in which his proceedings as
such treasurer shall be entered and kept, which
shall be in his hands at the expiration of his
term of Office , then this obligation is to be void,
otherwise it is to be and remain in full force and
virtue in law
Augustus. J. Frame
H. H. Wickham
D. H. Moore
S. N. Hobson
Henry O' Bleness
The above bond and the sureties thereto is hereby
approved and accepted june 25. 1904
C. C. Davidson Auditing
F. C Whiley Committee
L. J. Fenton O.U~

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