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B-S in Electrical Engineering
Waggoner Chauncey William Sugar Grove O
Honorary Degrees
[?Sinkris?]. Joshua D. St. Marys Ohio
Snow John E (class of 1892) Chicago Ills.
Williams. Daniel. W. Jackson . O.
Mower. Jacob. Kreider (class 1856) Springfield. O
[inserted] Degrees [end inserted] Shiras Oliver. Perry (Class 1853) Dubuque Iowa

- D. D -
Bishop. Robert Francis Athens O
Hawk Adam James (Class 1879) Gallipolis O
White. John Alexander (Class 1874) Centerville. O.

Mr. Davidson moved that the degrees recommended
by the President and Faculty in the above report be
conferred by the Board, which motion was duly
seconded and unanimously adopted by the Board.

[inserted] Ladies
Hall [end inserted] Mr Davidson moved that a Committee of three
be appointed by the Chair to consider the advisability
of the change of matron of the Ladies Hall of the O.U.
at the expiration of the time for which Mrs. [?Steinrod?]
has been employed in the position and to report
forthwith, which motino was duly seconded
and adopted, and thereupon the Chair appointed
as such Committee Mesrs. Davidson Coultrap
and Blackstone as such Committee.
[inserted] Resignation
of Prof Doan [end inserted] Prof. F. C. Doan tendered his resignation fo the
Chair of Psychology and Pedogogy , and on motion
duly seconded and adopted said resignation was
[inserted] Recess [end inserted] On motion duly seconded and adopted a recess
of the Board was taken for 15 minutes to enable the
Committee on teachers and salaries to make their
report to the board.
The Board was called to order by

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