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[inserted] As to
of Normal
Building [end inserted] Mr Jones moved that the main or principal
entrance to said new Library building be on the
South Side thereof , and that there be an entrance
on the West and east sides thereof ,and that the
stack room be on the north side of said building,
and that a copy of this resolution be certified.
by the Secretary to F. L. Packard the Architect of said
new Library Association [inserted] Building [end inserted] , which motion was
duly seconded, and the yeas and nays being demanded
a call of the roll was had resulting in the
following vote to wit: Yeas : Ellis, Lowry, Jewett.
Hamblin - Davidson - Lene- Jones. Welch [crossed out] Wood [end crossed out]
Coultrap. - Foster- Biddle-[inserted] and [end inserted] O' Bleness yeas
12 - nays none. And thereupon the Chair
declared that said motion had been unanimously
adopted by all of the members of the Board
present at this meeting, and being a legal
quorum of said Board.

[inserted] Acceptance
of Normal College
Building [end inserted] On motion of Mr Jewett, duly seconded and
adopted the subject of the acceptance of the
Normal College building from the contractor
the estate of Geoge. M. Schneider deceased is
hereby referred to the Building Committee of
said Normal College to wit: Pres. Alston. Ellis
Henry. O' Bleness and I.M. Foster, with full power and
authority to act in the premices ,and to settle
with said contractor. in all respects and to accept
from him said building , and to settle adjust
and compromise all claims growing out of
or connected with the contract for the construction
and erection of said Normal College building

[inserted] Excuses [end inserted] On motion duly seconded and adopted Messrs
Foraker- Blackston- Benson- and Boyce were
excused for non attendance.

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Something is pretty screwy with the first paragraph. The inserted note in the right margin speaks of the Normal Building, the paragraph itself is talking of the new Library Building, the architect mentioned (Packard) did build the Normal School building...but Charles Kirscher is the architect for the new Library, as mentioned on the page just previous this one. ??? This topic SHOULD have been referring to the erection of the new Library being constructed by Kircher.