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Athens Ohio January 21st 1881
Pursuant to call of the Chairman, the Executive
Committee met on the 21st day of January A.D. 1881
all the members having been notified.
Present, R de Steigner, W H Scott, J.M. Dana
Upon motion the following
preamble and resolutions were adopted all voting
therein. Whereas, E.H. Moore elected Treasurer of
the President and Trustees of the Ohio University for
the current year, at the last regular meeting of its
Board, having this day presented and offered his official
bond as said officer, in the sum of $10,000.
C.H. Grosvenor, D.B. Stewart and N.H. Van Vorhes
as sureties. Resolved that the committee finds the
same sufficient, and that said Bond and the sureties
are approved and the same is accepted and ordered
to be placed with the Auditor of the Board for safe keeping

The following is a copy of said Bond

Know all men by these presents that we,
Eliahim H Moore, Charles H Grosvenor, Daniel B Stewart
and Nelson H Van Vorhes are held and firmly bound
"unto the President and Trustees of the Ohio University"
in the sum of Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000) for the
payment of which we hereby bind ourselves. Sealed
with our seals and dated this 1st day of January A.D. 1881
The condition of this
obligation is such that whereas the said
Eliahim H Moore, has been duly elected Treasurer
of "The President and Trustees of the Ohio University"
for the term of one year from January 1st 1881
Now if the
said Eliahim H Moore, as such Treasurer shall
faithfully discharge all of the duties of his said
Office, and render to said "The President and
Trustees of the Ohio University" a just and true
account of his doings as such Treasurer when
required, and also deliver over to his successor
in office, all monies, securities and other property
that shall belong to "The President and Trustees
of said University" together with all the books
and papers in which his proceedings as Treasurer

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