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(HIS books) Doyle Flowers Jr.
Atlanta, GA.
April '09

Bible. King James 4^0
Cambridge: 1635, Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel
Copy: Brit. Lib, NYPL, HEHL
Ref: S.T.C. 2320 D and M (Rev 1968) 494


I. Chronicles 371-2 Bb2
27:25 --> 29:19
Davids severall offices Davids exhortation
Materials for the temple Davids thanksgiving
6 5/8 x 8 7/8"
2 col. 60 lines roman Type Marginal references.

[18], 1153, [3]p text ends on Eeee5a

Thomas Buck
Printer and bookbinder in Cambridge 1626-1670 (died)
Brother of John Buck. One of the printers
to the Univ. 1625-1640, 1650-1653?

John Buck
Printer and bookbinder of Cambridge
1625-1668 (died) Brother of Thomas Buck
One of the printers to the Univ. 1626-1635

Roger Daniel
Bookseller in London 1620?-1629?
1650-1666; one of the printers to the
Univ. of Cambridge 1632-1650
Cambridge appointed John Kingston, a London
stationer, to be its first printed in 1570.