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John Windle
San Francisco
Feb. 2010

Bible. (Algonquin)
Massachuset. Eliot. thick 4^0
Cambridge (Mass.): printeuoope hashpe.
Samuel Green, MDCLXXXV [1685]
Ref: Evans 385 Wing (2nd ed. B2756 D and M. 6738
Copy: HEHL, Mass. Historical Soc. British Lib.
Bodleian Lib. Oxford. LC, Yale, Harvard
The 2nd ed. of John Eliote Indian Bible
revised by Eliot and John Cotton.
Corinthians I XV: 45-58 XVI: 1-20/24
Corinthians II I: 1-22 headline misprinted
Chap. 26
14.2 x 18 cm. 2 columns, 62 lines
text in Roman Type. Chapter summation headings in English.
(italic type) Catchwords. Watermark present?

#38 from Otto F. Ege - Original Leaves from
famous Bibles, Cleveland: 1938 (limited to 100 set)
p. 170 marked Y2
p. 172 title heading has Chap 15
p. 174 title " has Cap 26 instead of 16
p. 175 my leaf Y4
p. 176 marked Z,
I Corinthians begins on p. 162 X^1
p 164 X^3
II Corinthians - begins in p. 175
ends on p. 183

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