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Richard Bradock - Printer and bookseller
(from 1609) in London, (1577) 1581, 1598-
1615. Hist items for 1581 were apparently
printed in the hosue of Richard Jones or
at least with material borrowed from Jones.
By 1598 he head married the widow of
Robert Robinson and succeded to the latters
printing material. In Oct. 1608 he began
negotiations to sell the business to William
Hull and Thomas Haviland

Printer in London 1581-1615

Aldermanbury, a little above the Conduit.

Bound apprentice to John Filkyn or Filken
and served his time with Henry Middleton.
Took up his freedom on Oct. 14, 1577 and was
admitted to the divery on July 1, 1598.
The last heard of him is on July 9, 1615
when he assigned over to John Wright and
Edmund Wright his sights in a book
called The Book of Fortune.

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