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4^0 in 8's Florence, 1513.

#31 Mortimer (Italian) Arte dd ben morire
34 woodcuts (including and repitions) 30 x 28 mm to
103 x 100mm. The 1513 blocks are the same, in
the same locations (are ealier ed. assigned to Loren 20 de'
Morgiani and Joannes Petri) except for a small Crucifixion
block on leaf b^5m. This ed. has 1 blocks with the figure
turned to the left, distinguished by 2 round trees in the
lower ground of the 2nd block. Of the large blocks, 10 are
Florentine free copies of the German blockbook Ars
Moriendi series. The Florentine artist copied the banderoles
from the German blocks but left them blank possibly
because the blocks were to be used in an Italian text and
translations hadn't been made. The other 2 of the 12
large blocks (newer a^1r and b^7v) are from Savonerola's
Predica dellante del bene morire. There are 2 Florontine
blacks known for each of these 2 Predica subjects, one pair
from an ed. assigned to Morgiani and Petri and the other
pair from an ed. assigned to Bartolomeo di Libri. One
arabesque initial, white on black; 2 line gothic
capitals. Roman letter.
2nd ed. - the Bait. M. General Cat. assigns the
printing to Filippo Giunta. 19 x 13 cm. a-b^8, c^6
22 leaves

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