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"If popularity but taken as the measure of success
in literary effort, das Naurenschiff must be
considered one of the most successful books recorded
in the whole history of literature" An accessible
study of human frailties, Ship of Fools was the
1st printed book to uncorporate conteporary wents
+ living persons in its hauative. First published in
1494 the work appeared in 1 Latin, 3 French, 1 Dutch,
1 Low German + and an English version within 15 yrs.
What made the 1509 version popular in England
was Barclay's shrewd decision to adapt the
material to English life. Though his version was
not a literal translation, the original's premise
was retained + virtually every folly + vice of
the age in personified. There are 113 sections in
the work, most of them devoted to a different
class of fool.

Gnashorn Press--1933-40.
San Francisco, CA. 642 Commercial St.
Edward Hodnett - English Woodcuts 1480-1535
p. 385 #1907
(series #1824 to 1932)

A woman holding a minor.
A grid on a fire 110x708mm.


begins CLXXXXIIII c Superbie ostentatio
followed by of eleuate pryde/and bostynge CLXXXXV
ends CLXXXXVII c An exclamacion ayenet pryde

before - Of children that dysdayne to honoure and worshyp
theyr parentis fo. clxxxx

Of clateryhge and bayne langage vsyd of prestsand clerk in y Quere fo. clxxxxii

of usures and Okeres fo. clxxxxvii
Of the vayne hope that Foles hath to succede to
herytage possession and ryches

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