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- There are many beautiful woodcut capitals +
pieces of border decoration in J. Zainer's
books not otherwise illustrated especially
between 1473 + 1476, (see #566 + #343)
- Liber bibliae moralis - a Bible lectionary -
the book did for the whole Bible what the
Gospel Lectionaries did for the New Testament.
They divided the Biblical text in portions
to be read at certain occasions or on certain days.
- This book is very interesting for printing
methods of the 15th C. It has been set up by 2
compositors, one of which made the 1st +
last quires, another the remainder.

HEHL 84700 rub. in red my leaf - L4 (of 10)
Liber Secudus Regnm
begins L3 (of 10)
ends m1 (of 10)
Total capitulum I to - "Vicesimuscd'm."
The paper of my leaf appeers
to have just "chain lines" without any
"laid lines" being present. The copy at the
Huntington is similar, although on some
leaves there is a suggestion of laid lines.

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