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McMinnville, Oregon
Sept. '01

Lecturn Bible contianing the Old + New
Testaments. King James Version. f^0
Oxford: Printed at the University Press, 1935.
Ref: Haas, Bruce Rogers 169. Rumball-Petre,
Rare Bibles, 152. Herbert. 2249
Copy: HEHL, Stanford (Z239 R92 B5 F-Gunst)

Zachariah. Chapter 1-4
p. 775-776 50 lines. 2 columns.
large paper ed. 18 1/4 x 12 1/2 (13)" 2 vol.
200 copies printed in a special Centaur
type design by Bruce Rogers, on Batchelor's
hand-made paper.
Two volumes: XIX [3] 567 + [4]577-1215(2) pages.
Appointed to be read in Churches. The last book
that Rogers would make on English soil.
The Oxford University Press was established
in 1667 + for it, in 1672 Bishop John Fell (1625-86)
purchased Dutch punches + mats for the fonts
known as the Fell types. The punches had
been cut by Dirk + Bartholomew Voskens.

It is fitting that the supreme work of America's
greatest designer of printing should be the
English Bible, pritned at Englands greatest
printing house.

The Holy Bible (The smaller ed.) John Johnson,
Oxford University Press. 1936. One volume
Folio. SOmewhat smaller than the large
paper 2 vol. ed + not on handmade paper.
Not in Haas.

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