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Sulkhan - Saba Orbeliani (1658-1725)
The Book of Wisdom and Lies.
Translated by Oliver Wardrop.
Hammersmith, Kelmscott Press, 1894 8 vo.
Ref: Peterson A28, Cockerell 28 Ransom p. 328 p. 235-6
#28, Tomkinson p 114 Sparling p. 158
Copy: Stanford

A Georgian Story-book of the 18th C.
[a]10 b-r8. 138 leaves, pp. [2][i] ii-xvi [2][=20]
[1] 2-256.
Flower (2) paper. Leaf: 207 x 140 mm.
Text. 30 lines, x 88 mm.
Golden type - red + black.
Binding: Limp vellum with silk ties.
250 paper copies (2 gns.); no vellum copies
finished on Sept. 29, 1894.
issued Oct. 29, 1894.
On the woodcut title page, within an elaborte border, is the arms of Georgia.
Total chapters. I → CLXII.
I. The King of Khorasan + the Chinese Jew.
CLXII. The faithful couple.

my leaf {
CXLV. The two harriers, the fox, + the mice p. 231
CXLVI. The poor man who took the cadi for his ass p. 232
CXLVII. The man, the ass, the magpie + the wolf. p. 235
CXLVIII. The two sportsmen + the bear p. 235
CXLVIX. Qazvan-shah + his wife. p. 236
CL The king's last words to his son p. 239

A book of traditional Georgian stories from Asia.

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