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excursions, such as "Iter Plantarum Investigationis
ergo susceptum a decem Sociis in Agrum Cantianum
anno Dom. 1629" are the 1st English local
floras. But for his tragic early death, Johnson would
without doubt have been a great figure in the
development of English botany.

Chap. 191 Of Gromell my leaf Eee6 (of 6)
192 Of Chickeweed
194 Of Pimpernell
195 Of Brooke-line, or water Pimpernell
Book 1. fol. 1 → 229 230 blank
2. p. 231 → 1257 1258 blank
T6 (of 6) Nnnnn3 (of 6)
3. p 1259 → 1589

1597 edition - some 1800 woodcuts.

Passages which Johnson substantially emended were
marked c a dagger, + complete new ones with a
double cross - see my page 615 #13. Chapt. 192
- 1st edition of Johnson's Gerarde, who edited + greatly
enlarged the original ed. of 1597... "c marked
success, even adding a balanced + comprehensive
introduction...the Herball thuse transformed,
reached a far higher level than Gerarde's own
ed." Arber, Herbals, 134.
- This ed. was of special importance in the New World.
This work, plus the herbal knowledge of the
indigenous peoples, was the primary basis for early
American medical studies. So important was it that the
Genus Gerardia was named for Gerard + of its 30 or so
species, most are North American

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