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Petrus Lombardus (110-1160/4)
Sententiarum libri IV (cum conclusionibus Henrici
Gorichen et problematibus S. Thomae anticulisque
Parisiensibus) Basel: Nicolaus Kesler, 23 May
1487. f°
Ref: Goff P-490 HC. 10194 Polain (B) 3119. Oates 2813
Pr 7760 BMC II 764.
Cop: HEHL, Harv CL, Prin UL
A6 (of 8)
my leaf LI. III DI. IIII ninth ed.
HEHL #103808 rubricated in red + blue
292 leaves - 152, 276, 292 blank. 2 col. 3a: 54 lines
+ headline, 222 (235) x 132 mm
Types: 280 title - canon type. Used 1487-91
180 - 1st words of sections (P1) round title type
Every majuscule is feathered except the A, E,
G, Q + T. Used throughout.
93 (P4) headings giving contents of sections, colophon.
heavy faced type. Diamonded A, H, N, O, P, S,
double backed B, D, L, P, R, T, U c curl. Used
82A (P2) med. text type. Double barred B, D, M, N, O, P, Q, V
Used throughout.
64 (P6) prolegomena (to the different distinctions) +
marginalia. Small type. Diamonded A + S, double
barred O, Q + V. Used from 1487 onwards.
Capital spaces, some with guide letters. The headlines
give the numbers of books + distinctions in Lombardic
-- At the death of Bernhard Richel in 1482 his son-in-law N.
Kesler, a native of Bottwan in Wiirtenberg, took over his press.
Under Kesler's management the shop became one of the most
important in Basel printing, predominantly theological, hoinoletic
+ canonical texts, along with a few humanistic works.

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