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Biblia Latina
Venice: Hieronymus de Paganinis, Sept. 7, 1497 8°
Ref: Goff B*601, HC 3123 Pell 2339 Oates 2129
Pr 5468 BMC V 459 GW 4278 Habler #111
Cop: HEHL, BMarv CL, LC, New L

With table of Gabriel Brunus. Petruslangelus de Monte
Ulmi, ed.

my leaf - Genesis 33 → 36 b6 (of 8)
514 leaves, 476 blank. 2 col. 12a: 54 lines + headline;
140 (145) x 88 mm (c marginalia 98) Capital spaces.
Types 90R small text type, used for words on device
in the 1497 bible.
89G (p17) text type. In use in 1496-99.
52G (p19), very small type, lower case only, tail of h
curled below the line. In use in 1497-99.
45G, minute marginal type, lowercase only, tail of h
curled below the line. Found only in the 1497 bible.

Paganinus, Jacobus, + Hieronymus de Paganinis.
Paganinus makes his 1st appearance as an independent
printer in April 1487 + continues until Oct. 1490. The
press is next found in the hands of Jacobus (Dec. 1490, 1491)
+ then of Hieronymus (Sept. 1492-Dec. 1493), Paganinus
reappearing in Nov. 1494 c the De Burgo. He continued
work until well past the turn of the century.

Venice: H. de Paganinis, 7 Sept 1492. 2 col, 50 lines.
1st book printed at this press + the 2nd bible
printed in octavo. Goff B-594 1st Goff B-592 Basel: J. Froben, 27 June 1491 (See #330)

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