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Biblia Polyglotta. published [1522]
Alcala: Arhao Guillen de Brocar, 1514-17. f^0
(papal privilege printed after 22 March 1520) b


6 vols. Edited by Diego López de Zuniga et al.,
under the patronage + at the expense of Cardinal
Francisco Ximénez de Cisneros.


Ref: D + M. 1412 (340 x 243mm). Adams B-968. Norton 27C
Brunet I, 849-50 Palan 28930 Beckowitz, 174.
Copy: NYPL, Yale, Newberry, L.C. Stanford

Rare books
KB 1514
B5f V. 1-6
price $2750

This was the first complete printed polyglot (Hebrew,
Chaldee, Greek, + Latin) and it contains the earliest
printed Greek New Testament (1514). It is by far the
rarest of all polyglots.

The greatest monument of the Spanish Renaissance
The Bible was produced in the environment of the University,
founded in 1499 by Cardinal Jimerez at 'la gran Compluto,
as Cervantes described Al cala de Henares, his native town.
The Spainards + Zamors, Nebrija + Zuniga were
chief among those who made the Complutensian Bible.

Vol. 1--> 4 contain the Old Testament c the Hebrew text in
the outer columns, with Hebrew roots in the margin to aid
the reader in finding the word in the lexicon, the
Greek of the Septaugint in the inner column, c an
interlinear Latin translation of it, and the Latin vulgate
in the center. Small letters are placed above words in
the 3 versions to enable the reader to find the
corresponding word in the other language quickly, and to
ensure further the ready comparison of passages, these
were printed in parallel, and if a blank occurred
where one of the texts lacked a corresponding version
it was filled in with a series of omission letters like a

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