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Feb. '00

Liber Ordinaris.
MSS on vellum in Latin. folio xl. 5 2/4 x 8 5/8"
Paris: early 16th C. (1520?) ? Italy; late 15th C.
21 lines in a single column, written in light brown +
red ink in an elegant humanistic "Roman" hand.
1 line initials, crosses + paragraph marks on
alternating panels of blue + liquid gold.

In Hour Books, Martyrs follow the apostles in
the Suffrages. Stephen, the 1st Christian to die
for his faith (and whose feast is celebrated the
day after Christmas) holds a prominent position
among martyrs. He is named in the Canon of the Mass.

The Prayer Book + the Book of Hours are
sometimes confused, because their prayers are often
similar, but the former lacks the Hours + Offices
of the latter. Some of the prayers are liturgical,
some are contained in a series of Suffrages, +
some are of a more personal + extra-liturgical
character. (often called Ordinarium and Liber Ordinarius)
Ordinal - gives incipits c substantial rubrics for
the performance of Mass + office throughout the year
-- a guide to the celebration of the liturgy,
usually including instructions for liturgical actions
to be carried out by the clergy.
-- Dominica in ramis palmarum (Palm Sunday)

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