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The Holy Bible
London: Robert Barker, 1612
Ref: Herbert 313 S.T.C. 2219
Copy: HEHL, BM

The 1st 4° edition of the King James' version;
printed in roman type. Ruth iii 15, hee.
Sig: A8 A-Z8 Aa-Zz8 Aaa-Zzz8 [A]-[M]8; 656 ff.
Leaves not numbered. Text printed in double
columns; each page within rules.

HEHL #32190

Herbert 323 - The 1st black letter 4° ed. of KJ version.
STC. 2227 1613

my leaf → New Testament - St. Matthew, 26:45→27:36
Xxx7 (of 8)
Matthew begins on Ggg6 (of 6)
ends on Xxx8 (of 8)
Strictly the 2nd ed. of the King James version. There
appears to have been 2 issues, one a "He" + one a "She."

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