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Juan Cromberger of Seville (d. there Sept 1540)
sent Juan Pablos (Giovanni Paoli) - a native of
Brescia, Italy to Mexico to start a branch office
1) Juan Pablos - 1539-1560 (1539 → 100 years
before the press began operations in Cambridge, MA.)
2) Antonio de Espinose 1559-1576
3) Pedro Ocharte 1563-1592.
4) Colaboratio of 2 + 3
5) Pedro Balli (1547-1600) printed more than 60 books
6) Antonio Ricardo 1577-79, 1584-1605 → former parter of P. Ocharte - In 1580 est. the first press in Peru - unable to begin operating until 1584.
7) Viuda de P. Ocharte 1594-1597
8) Cornelius Adrian Cesar 1597-1605
9) Melchor Ocharte 1597-1605
10) Luis Ocharte Figueroa 1600-1601
11) Enrico Martiez 1599-1611
1554 - 1st use in Mexico of roman + italic types
- previous → gothic
Spanish archbishop of Mexico -- Zumáuage
Viceroy - Mendoza

The printing establishment of J. Pablos passed in 1563
into the hands of Pedro Ocharte, who had married a
daughter of Pablo's. Ocharte, the 3rd printer of definite
record in Mexico was in reality a Frenchman from Rouen
whose name was Charte, probably Pierre Charte. He had
been in the city of Mexico sice 1558, doubtless as an
employee in the Pablos printing office. His career as a
master printer was beset c difficulties, as he came under
the suspicion of the Inquisition in 1572 + thus was
kept from any regular attention to his printing
business for 7 years.
H. R. Wagner states that "he never found anything that would
prove that Ocharte was a printer. When he was in trouble

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