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Reprinted 1) Madrid, Imprenta Real por T. Junti, 1621 f°
2) Sevilla 1634 4°
3) Madrid 1746 f°
Icazbalceta "Contains the general rules of the Franciscan order
as revised + approved at a council in Toledo in 1583.
Attached is a tabula in 4 leaves of the general chapter
held in Toledo"
Lib. of Congress #15 1939
Spec. Coll. z 210 u 58 (Stanford)
"A compendium of the the general statutes of Barcelona
as copied down by a group of Franciscans in the
convent of S. Juan de los Reyes, Toledo, 1583.
The book also contains the Estatutos generales
de las Indias."

The book of pre Hispaic period took the form of a
MSS in which hieroglyphs were painted upon both sides
of oblong leaves of paper (derived from the fibrous bark
of the wild fig-amatl) or skin (a rude approximation
of vellum made from deer or other animals)
Printing became an important force in the colonial
culture of Mexico within 20 years of the Conquest (1519).
From then until the close of the colonial period in 1821
books in increasing numbers were produced on the presses
of Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca + Veracruz. By the
end of the 16th C no less tha 9 presses were functioning
in Mexico City + over 200* publications had appeared.
The paper was made in Spain + brought to Mexico.
It is likely, however, that the number of books
imported exceeded those printed locally in large numbers.
*204 different books produced by Pablos, Espinosa + 6
others (including 1 woman).

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