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E. Whitchurche - one of the official printers to Edward VI.
Whitchurche had been an assistant of Richard Grafton who
became printer to Prince Edward in May 1545 + royal
printer on the accession of Edward to the throne 2 yrs later.
Type - Whitchurch's + Hill's 94 textura, Scripture
texts, 71 textura.
- Erasmus (1516) Novum instrumentum omne - the 1st of 5
succeeding ed. of the Greek NT produced by him over the
next 2 decades. Erasmus included some Annotationes on
several passages, which were an anticipation in miniature of
the far more extensive annotations + paraphrases on various
books of the N.T. that he was to go on publishing for the
next 2 decades until his death in 1536.
- Bible. Greek. Venice, Andreas Torreanus at the Aldine Press,
Feb. 1518 - edition princeps of the Septuagint, printed
after but published before the Greek O.T. in th Complutensian
Polyglot whose publication was delayed until 1520 by
the death of Cardinal Ximenes. D.+M. 4594 This is the 2nd
ed. of the Greek N.T. set from Erasmus' editio princeps (Froben,
Berkowitz - Queen Catherine (Parr) supplied the funds.
The Edwardian reformation was still in a moderate phase
+ its doctrinal stance as well as literary judgement is
reflected in the order which functionally placed Erasmus'
Paraphrase on a par c the Great Bible.
- Erasmus Paraphrase - translated from the Latin
original printed at Basel in 1522. It was frequently
read in churches by the clergy + laymen as a
substitute for sermons.

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