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Guillenmus Parisiensis (pseudo) = Johannes Herolt (d. 1468)
Postilla super epistolas et evangelia.
Basel: Michael Furtur, [after 1500] 4°
Ref: Goff G-667 H. 8248 Schreiber 4165 Schramm XXII p. 45
(no. 74) Pr 7752 BMC III xxxviii. Gutenberg-Jahrbuch p 73-8, #33
Copy: HEHL, Augsburg, Munich HSB, Cop II 2858?
Regensburg, Heidelberg

2 parts - 92 ff + 61 ff.
woodcut opening page c symbols of the 4 evangelists
and a representation of the infant Jesus - on verso a
cut of the crucifixion which is repeated on the
opening page of the 2nd part - plus 52 other cuts illust.
scenes in our Lord's life (total 55 cuts) from blocks
obviously much earlier than the book.
There are no woodcuts in the 2nd part.
HEHL #100856 rub. in red + blue -- my leaf is Ff' (of 8) in the 2nd part.
before In conversione sancti pauli apostoli Actu. IX
after In cathedra sancti petri apostoli I. pst. I.
Part I → folium I -- XCII
Part II → folium I -- LXI (Hh5).
Title 2nd part - Postilla Guillermi super epistolas
de empore et de sanctis et pro defunctis
- begins on Aa'.
Schreiber #4165
Les figg. sont les mêmes gue dans l'ed. #4157 (c 1497)
mais l'or dre en diffère et les bois sont bien usès.
La marque de l'imprimeur, se trouvant à la feir
de la se partie.
In most incunabula editions contains an authorial preface signed by
one Frater Guillermus, Dominican of Paris. The cause of the
misatribution is uncertain, but the Postilla were rather compiled by
the Nuremberg Dominican Johannes Herolt. The compilation was
made for members of the clergy seeking commentary on the lessons
read at services throughout the year.

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