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Haebler - More frequently than is the case in other Italian towns in
which there were printing offices, the Roman printers gave
the addresses of their presses + a number of Roman printing
offices are known only by their addresses. This is the case c
the books coming from 'Apud Sanctum Marcum', the name of
the printer is never given. Vitus Puecher was the leading
manager of the printing office. His Roman Type is dependent
on Sweynheym + Pannartz's. Like that type it has
(differing in this from most of the other romans) an M
c straight shanks _ also the A with teh bars on one
side only; in face as well as body the type is slightly smaller.
-- already in 1460 Fust + Schoeffer carried over into printing
the practice in Roman manuscript law books of surrounding
the text with commentary. They + all the later German (as
well as many Italian) printers used gothic type -- large
for the text + small for commentary. Therefore the use by
Vitus Puecher in this work of both gothic + roman type
is quite unusual.

HEHL #105105 Goff J 573 H 9596 Venice: Baptista de Tortis 8 July 1499
in this ed. I6 I7 (of 8)
my leaf → Legationibus, folio 278v. + 279r. in the printing.
from Liber L (50)
Before (folio 277) De iure immunitatis
After (folio 279) De Administratione rerum ad
ciuitatem pertinentium
Total of 50 books -- book 50 → folio 270 to the end, folio 308.

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