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Justinianus I (483-565) Byzantine emperor.
(XXXIX to L) ← Digestum Novum (c the glossa ordinaria of
Accursius) f°
Hrsg. Ludovicus de Passeris, Andreas de Murris
(ed.) Johannes Guarinus
See #378
Rome: Apud Sanctum Marcum(= Vitus Puecher)
March 30, 1476
Ref: Goff J-565 BMV IV, 64 H. 9580 IGI 5449
GW 7701 Haebler. Plate 33
Copy: Harv (L) L, Munchen SB, Oxford Bod1, Wien N13

412 leaves, the 1st blank. 2 columns, 4 in resigter 1
in the preface. 5a: 70 lines of commentary surrounding
the text, 374 x 224 mm. A col. of 65 lines of text
on 57^a measures 345 mm.
Prefatory letter of J. Guarinus to Vitus Peucher
on 3b
Capital spaces, c guide letters in text.
Types 107G, text, headings in table of rubrics
(GW 103/106 G)
Large text type. I c thorn to left, double hyphen
Substituted for 103 G in 1476.
98R comm., rubrics in text + c. (P1) med. text
type. A c small serif to left at the top, straight
shanked M, single Qu apparently of 2 kinds,
h c curled tail level c line, i c slanting stroke
for dot. Single hyphen. Capitals from 103G (P2)
are freely used c this type. In use throughout.

*Apud Sanctum Marcus (Vitus Pecher (Anonymous Preso)
The press established 'apud Sanctum Marcus,'
appresso al Palatio di San Marco' was most active
in the years 1475+6 but produced at least 1 dated
book in each of the years 1477 + 1478.

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