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Aug 92
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Hieronymus (ca 331-419 20)
Epistolae. ([with] other tracts)
Venice: Joannes Rubeus Vercellensis
I) 7 Jan. 1496 II) 12 July 1396. Folio
Ref: Goff H-175 HC 8563 IGI 4745 Pr 5141
BMC V 419, Haebler, Plate 94, type 2.
Copy: BM an CL, HEHL, LC, UCalBL
(2,3)6; a-v8 x4; A-Z, AA-CC8 DD6; EE8 FF6
398 leaves, 15-398 numbered ix-390 [sic] 8a: 62-63 lines
253x164mm. Capital spaces, some [with] guide letters.
woodcut capitals on 2a, 3b - epistola begins on 7a.
Types: 135G (P7) heading type. In use in 1496-1500.
82R (P2) small text type [with] single Qu. S leans
slightly to the left. Brought from Treviso & in
use throughout. 80 Gk.
The evidence of the 2 colophons seems conclusive proof
that Rubeus was here dating in the modern style.
-183 Ciii
During the period of his activity at Treviso (1480-85)
J. Rubeus produced 1 book at Venice (1482). The
Josephus of Oct 23, 1485 was the 1st of a regular
output of book printed at Venice. His brother
Albertinus partnered [with] him in April 1499 & June
1500. The name of Albertinus alone appears in
the colophon of the subsequent books.

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