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Andrew Stewart
Helpringham, England
Jan. '95
10L = $15.30

Dionyzius Halicannaseus (fl. 30-8 BC) (Greek) 1st C. B.C.
Antiquitates Romanae (with Lapius Biragus Florentinus)
Treviso: Birnardinus Celerius, 24 or 25Feb. 1480 f^0 Chancery (1 March)
Ref: Goff D-250 HC (fadd.) 6239 IGI 3484 Oates 2463
Pr 6490 GW 8423 BMC VI 095 marked folio 118 liber quintus
Known in at least 6 issues, frequently mixed.
Cop: HEHL (a), NYPL, PML (c), YUL

300 leaves, the 1st blank. 5^a: 37 lines 210x123 (with marginalia 144)mm
Type: 113 R (P1) bold text tyep with single long tailed Qu +
large separate Q.
Capital spaces, with guide letters. Catchwords

Treviso: B. Celerius of Lovere (3rd press) - he had printed at Venice +
Padua in 1478, next appears at Treviso with this work,
then printed 3 other books in 1480, but had resumed work at
Venice before the end of the year - continued to work there till 1486
1st edition. The first book printed by B. Celerius at Treviso

Dionysius - Greek rhetorician + historian, lived + taught at
Rome most of his life. He was one of the most celebrated
literary critics of ancient times.
-Suggested that the Iliad is the work of Homer's youth + the
Odyssey of his old age - the 2 poems the work of the same man?
Josephus, Flavius wished to glorify the Jewish people,
often misunderstood by the Greco-Roman world + he
wrote the "Jewish Antiquities" in XX books, designing it to
parallel the Roman History of Dionysius Halicanassus
also of XX books.
-A Fleming named Garard van der Leye (Gerardus de Lisa)
settled at Treviso + became the 1st printer there 1471-76.

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