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Dr. Eichenberger
Beinwil am See
May '90
295 35 SF=$17.50
fl. c 28BC - 10AD
(1st Century A.D.)
Hyginus, C. Julius. [ed. by Jacobus Sentinus & Johannes
Poeticon astronomicon. Lucillius Santritter]
Venice : Erhard Ratdolt , 22 Jan. 1485 4o
Ref : Goff H-561 HC 9063 Polaia(B) 2040 IGI 4960
BMC V 289 Oates 1758 Essling 286, Redgrave 48.
Cop : HEHL , LC(R), NYPL, Milano, Trivulziana. b3
a-g8 , 56 leaves. 32 [inserted]33[end inserted] lines (145 x 101 mm)
Types 91 R(8) text , 91(3)G inscription to cuts
65 G(10)inscription on diagram 91GR few words
capitals (2,5,6b) Woodcuts [inserted]48[end inserted] & diagram
(Roman) 91 R medium text type . Q with short tail, seperate from u
steep single hyphen. Irregular S, T - serifs to bar.

[Goff H-560 - 1482 Oct. 14. edition 58 leaves, 31 lines, a-f8g10.
[Cop : HEHL, UCaB1, Lc(R), Bodlein (Gothic Type)

47 half page woodcut illust. of zodiacal figures, signs of planets
etc . numerous white-vine style initials in 3 sizes.
second illustrated ed. of this Roman astronomical-astrological
classic. The delightful cuts personifying the constellations -
The earliest printed - have their origins in classical
manuscripts. The series is one of the more important &
extensive sets of cuts of human & animal figures in
early Italion books. they are mostly those of Ratdolt's
1st printing in 1482, but the celestial sphere that
opens the volume is new, & the woodcuts of Scorpio
has been replaced by a reversed copy These cuts were
freely imitated by other printers well into the 16th C.
Hyginus - Roman scholar, native of Spain, freedman
of Augustus.
-pictorial representation of the Constellations , Signs of
the Zodiac & Planets.

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Left top corner folded down. Part of text missing?