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B. Rosenthal 236
San Francisco
July '86
[inserted] 4 [end inserted]
Pseudo - fl. 350 - 420
Heironymus (Eusebius Hieronymus) St. Jerome
Leben der heiligen Altvater. (See # 100)
Augsburg : Peter Berger, 21 May 1488 f0 (Chancery)
Ref: Goff H-219 HC 8606 BMC II 391. Schr 4220 Pr 1916
Cop: \ Wolfenbuttel.(#2773), Nuremberg,Augsburg\ fiij
Plate 6, Schreiber woodcuts / Das xliij blat
[X4] a-m8n6; A-N8O6 216 leaves , the last blank.
5-106 numbered Dao erst - cij blat , 107-215
numbered Das erst clx blat. 2 col.
[inserted]147 small cuts in
part I & 128 in
part II[end inserted]
7th : 44 lines & foliation, 214 (218) x 144 - 5 mm.
Type : 97 Gothic text type , in use in 1488 & 89. 2 forms
of N & V . looped ch, d , h,L. (from 5sets)
27b woodcuts, one full page. Woodcut initials.
the registered output of P. Berger's press comprises one book.
20 Oct. 1486, the 3 books of 1488 & 89 & - undated book.
This is the 2nd book to have been issued from
Peter Berger's press. The series of illustrations is based
on Anton Sorg's 1482 ed. of the same work. They are
fairly free adaptations , revered in many cases, as are
those in Schonsperger's ed. of 1485.
St. Jerome's popular collection of biographies of the early
Eastern monks & hermits. [crossed out] This is the 2nd book from
Peter Berger's press.[end crossed out] The Altvacter is a real "reading book"
& the many fine illustrations are neatly fitted into
one column of the double-column pages. -4th edition.

Schr 4220 les figg. de celte ed. s' accordent avec celles der No. 4218
(H. Schersperger c 1485, C. 2966) il y a 143 gsb. dans
le 1st part et 128 in the 2nd.
The books issued by P. Berger from 1486-89 contain no
original woodcuts. Iterestingly all German ed. of the Vitae Patrum
except the 1st (H-216 See # 100) were printed at Augsburg-represents
a late medieval impulse to reach back to the earliets eras of
Christianity for the authority of the church

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