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Dr. Eichenberger
Beinwil Am See
140 SF = $75
July '86
Gart der Gesundheit. (The Garden of Good Health)
Augsburg : Johan Schonsperger, 15 Dec. 1488. fo
Ref: HC 8953 Goff G 104 BMC II 366 Sudhoff 72 Bacher 27
Cop: BPub L, HEHL, MMu(P) L. Klebs 8 leaf 23 of text
[*4]; a - v, w, x-z, A - D8 E6 F8 GH6 I8 c.ij. (of 8)
262 leaves, the last blank. 2 col. 42 lines. 204x130 mm. See #132
Types : 140, title & headings ; 96 text. Capital (I6) on 6a;
spaces on 236b & 237a - woodcuts (256 x 187 mm)
[inserted](about 400)[end inserted]
This edition shows for the 1st time a a seperate title, followed by 3
leaves - an alphabetical table of German names of plants, which
is also a new addition. The text begins on leaf 8 recto.
Type 140 - title type in use in 1488-9.
96 - German text type used from 1485 to 1493. Several
forms of A,C,D,E,M,N,O,S,W are found as well as
Lombard capitals of a different fount.
Gelbe lylgen (text only) A corus gel lilien Yellow Flag (Iris pseudocorus L. acorus)
geel lilien XXI Ca a corus vel spatella latine.
sig. text8 (woodcut) - venerca vel piperapium grace.
1486 ed. cij hirsch wurcz XXII ca cuts smaller & reversed from 1485
[inserted]woodcut[end inserted]
Berkeley ciij Rosenmaryn\Arthos XXIII ed. - Schouffer.
Blalt 26m (woodcut) Wood Sage (Teucrium scorodonia L.)
1485 ed. { cap XXII histz wortz Ambrosia vel Ambrosiana
[inserted] Ambrosia
- in
1564[end inserted]
Schoeffer { Cap XXIII rosenmaryn Anthos vel rasinarinus
Gerard p.858, 1108-11 (German) (Latin)
Rosemary - a Labiate - a typically Mediterranean distribution.
This plant was known in ancient times & was woven into heroes'
crowns - myrtle & laurel as well as being employed
medicinally. It is mentioned in Charle magnis Capitularies
& by many early herbalists including Gerard. Resmarinus
is derived from ros marie , "dew of the sea."
Ambrosia & Necter , in Greek mythology, sometimes the
food, sometimes the drink of the immortals.
The name Ambrosia was also later applied by Dioscorides
& Pliny to certain herbs & has been retained in modern
Gerard p. 535-6, 050-1.

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