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July 1883
Pageant Book, NYC

Biblia latina.
Biblia [?] concoidentiia veterie et noui Testamenti.
Strassburg: Johann (Reinhard) Gruninger, [inserted] 1482-1531 [end inserted] 26 April 1497.
with table of Gabriel Brunus (revised) folio.
Ref: Goff B600 HC 3122 BMC I III GW 4277
Cap: HEHL O.T.-Tobias

492 leaves, leaf 472 blank. 2 col, 4 in index of names
541. and headlines; 223 (238) x 142 mm. Types: 280 title;
145 title, headlines, and c. 82^6 title, text; 71^a and 70, index;
64^a name list. Spaces mostly with guide letters left for capitals
The headlines give the name of the book.
145 large type for headings. Takes place of 150 about 1495 . h with tail level with line
82^b medium text type. used in 1496 and 7, 2 forms of V 280 Very large Gothic type. Used from 1496 onward

The word 'concordance', as title of an alphabetical list of all
the words in the Bible to references, seems to have been
first used by Hugo de Sancto Claro, whose concordance of
the Vulgate was produced about 1244 and printed with
modifications in 1479.

Interspersed among the canonical books of the Old Testament in the
Latin Vulgate Bible are contain additional books and chapters. It is to
these that Prostestant usage generally assigns the town "Apocrypha."
In English versions the Apocrypha are usually presented as 15
separate books.

I Esdras, II Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Additions to the Book of Esther,
The Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Epistole to Jeremiah,
The Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the 3 Young Men, Susanna, Bel and
the Dragon, The Prayer of Manasseh, The First Book of Maccabees,
The Second Book of Maccabees.

Tobit - named after its hero, who is pictured as an 8th C. B.C. Naphtalite
carried into exile to Nineveh. His story becomes entwined with that of his
kinswoman Sarah, exiled in Eubatana. The tragedies of both are remidied
through the adventures of Tobit's son Tobias, whom Sarah marries, and all
under the angel Raphael's supervision.

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